STARS of the Week – Barbara and Jon

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These days we call him farmer Jon!  His family bought a farm a couple of years ago and Jon has fallen in love with farming.  He helps take care of all the animals, enjoys helping in the garden and rides his 4 wheeler around keeping an eye on everything.  While at BrightStone Jon says he enjoys working in ceramics, yoga class, bowling, learning activities on the computer and helping serve lunch.  Way to go, Jon!

barbi & drew

Barbara has been at BrightStone for 15 years.  She was here the first day we opened!  She is an artist and has drawn many pictures for us over the years, including a couple of ideas of how she thinks the future campus might look.  Barbara says when she is at BrightStone her favorite activities include working in consumables, helping cook lunch, walking for exercise, bowling and working on her IPad.  Thank you Barbara, for continuing to hang out with us!

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