Stars of the Week! Ali and Kelly M.

Congratulations to Ali and Kelly M., this week's Stars of the Week! Ali has been on top of his game lately. We had lots of visitors last week and he greeted them all with a handshake and a smile. it's great to see him in high spirits! His BrightStone favorites are playing ball at the YMCA, working in ceramics, bowling, and playing group games. In his leisure time he enjoys watching the Game Show Network, listening to pop music, and eating at the Golden Corral.     Kelly will gladly tell anyone that BrightStone is her favorite place on earth. She enjoys being around her friends, being productive at work, and all of our community outings. Kelly says her favorite BrightStone activities are walking, working in consumables, helping with lunch prep, and grabbing a snack at Chick-fil-A.

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