STARS of the Week – Abby and Justin

abby cropped

Abby is always excited about the days that she comes to BrightStone.  She makes the rounds each morning speaking to everyone and catching us up on all the happenings in her busy life.  When Abby is at BrightStone, her favorite activities are working in the paint room, learning games on the computer, exercise class and saying the prayer before lunch.  Congratulations, Abby!



Justin is a deep thinker and usually has an opinion on most subjects that might come up, which makes for some interesting conversation!  Justin takes his jobs at BrightStone seriously and says that working in ceramics is his favorite work area.  He also enjoys our outings to Chick-fil-A for a snack, helping serve lunch and our Thursday exercise class with Eric, who is one of our exercise therapists.  Way to go, Justin!

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