Star of the Week: Jock & Cathy

jockJock is our resident meteorologist. He is fascinated by the weather and keeps us up to date on important things like when Daylight Savings time starts and other red letter dates on the calendar. Jock says that his favorite daily living job is praying and he liked Taco Salad at lunch. He enjoys eating out at Olive Garden and listening to the Oak Ridge Boys version of "Elvira." Congratulations, Jock!  
cathyCathy is known as our "coupon lade," She clips coupons every Sunday and distributes them throughout the week to the staff. She is very thoughtful that way and has a great laugh when she "gets tickled." Her favorite work area is Packaging with Mr. Randy and she is always up for a game of Uno. She enjoys helping out in the kitchen and leading "Church in the Wildwood" during music. Way to go, Cathy!
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