Star of the Week: Jenny & Kelly

IMG_2057Jenny is a friend to all at BrightStone. She has a beautiful smile and a happy greeting that lets everyone know she's in the building. She's always willing to lend a hand by helping a friend hang their smock or putting away things after a work session. She loves to play Uno on Fridays after a trip to the bowling alley. Her favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-a and her favorite product we make is fudge. Congratulations, Jenny!  
IMG_2047 Kelly is one of a kind! She has been at BrightStone since the beginning and has a milestone birthday coming up in February. The highlight of Kelly's week is when Ms. Judy comes for music. She absolutely loves her and always requests to lead "Waddle-acha." Kelly enjoys painting and making bowls in the Ceramics classroom. She also like yoga and is always ready to strike a pose. Way to go, Kelly!
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