Star of the Week: Dani & Benny

daniDani started coming full time to BrightStone last August. It only took her a short time to get adjusted to all the different activities at BrightStone. It is impossible of her to hide her enthusiasm when she is excited an her reactions are priceless! Dani says her favorite activities are painting pots, bowling on Fridays and playing basketball at the YMCA. Dani, we are thrilled that you enjoy coming BrightStone everyday and we're glad to have you here!  

bennyBenny dives into all of our jobs and activities wholeheartedly. He is always eager to do a good job and gets great fulfillment out of doing a job well. He says the activities he enjoys most are working on the computers in the Learning Lab and yoga class. His favorite BrightStone lunch is hamburgers. You are a great friend and we are happy you are at BrightStone

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