Star of the Week: Allen & Sean

allanAllen is a great BrightStone employee! He loves coming to BrightStone to be with his friends and he always works hard. His favorite work area is the Paint Room and he enjoys going to Chick-Fil-A on our Friday field trips. Allen has a lot of fun cooking lunch and preparing snack in the kitchen. His favorite restaurant is Sonic and he likes watching football in his leisure time. Congratulations, Allen!  
sean   Sean enjoys a little mischief! He likes to play jokes and just has a great sense of humor. His friends say he is very funny, which he is, and that he always has that wonderful smile on his face. Sean likes to eat Chinese food with his family and cheer on the Titans. At BrightStone, he enjoys playing Xbox bowling during activity time and making mugs in the Ceramics classroom. Way to go, Sean!
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