Thank You Supporters!

Thank you for your interest in supporting those that give so generously to BrightStone!

Founders ($5000 and up)

Doris Alexander


Aon Risk Solutions

Beecher Carlson Insurance Services

Beth and Preston Ingram Foundation

Terry and Susan Bridges

Rob and Vickie Carroll

Larry and Sidney Catlett

Jeff and Rachel Cloyd

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.

Kellum Ferree

Franklin Synergy Bank

Kevin and Lisa Gabhart

Russ and Elvia Harms

Gary and Brenda Hauk

HCA Foundation

John Maher Builders

Mack Jordan

Jim and Phyllis Lackey

Brian and Cindy Miller

Nehemiah Foundation

Philip Robichaux

Don and Beth Stinnett

Fred and Susan Williams

Guardians ($1000-$4999)

Glenn and Beverly Adams

Aldi Inc.

Mike and Denise Alexander



Randall Baskin

Battlefield Region A.A.C.A.

Franklin and Judith Bell

John Berry

Marty and Lucy Blair

Boe-Tel TN Company, LLC

Steve Bolen

Brentwood Capital Advisors


Ron and Martha Brown

Mike and  Margot Cairnes

Amy Chambers

Christ Community Church


Sean and Monica Coakley

W.H. and Marsha Coble Jr.

Creative Cabinetry Solutions

Paul and Anna Dana

Todd and Bonnie Davis

Deangelis Diamond Healthcare

DeFatta Custom Homes

Richard and Carolyn Dodd


Laura Turner Dugas

Randy and Ann Elliott

Lorraine Ferrell

Jaylon and Judy Fincannon

First Presbyterian Church, Franklin

Flow Construction

Jay and Marcia Franks

Carl Haley

Les and Brenda Hasty

Kay Hauk

Rob and Heather Hays


Linda Hinton

Thomas A. and Patty Hinton

Dr. H. Rhea & Kim Holly

Huntington National Bank

Walter and Sue Iwanowski

J.E. Dunn Construction Co

Jackson Healthcare LLC

Coy Jefcoat

Mark and Laura Jernigan

Lee Company

Letwak & Bennett

Liberty Heating & Air Conditioning

M. R. Foundation of Tennessee, Inc.

Tom Magli

Andy and Jan Marshall

Virginia McDowell

Albert and Theresa Menefee, III

J Michael and Sheila Mullican

Nashville Machine Company

James and Jennifer Parker

Paul Hasty & Son Plumbing Co., Inc.

Brian and Christine Perkinson

Johnnie and Nancy Pewitt

PMA Companies


R.C. Mathews Contractor

Martin Rash

Jerry and Barbara Reed

Durl and Christie Reeves

Debra Robichaux

Stephen J. Rodolf

Jerry Rooker

Richard and Peggy Schweinhart

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

Robert and Vickie Speck

Robert and Catherine Stallworth

Edward and Mary Stinson

Don Street

Regg and Adora Swanson

TelecomPioneers (TN Chapter #21)

Tenant Building Group, LLC

The Human Capital Group, Inc.

James M. Thompson

Marvin and Diane Thompson

Dick and Dottie Wells

Williamson Medical Center

Wilson & Assoc. P.C.

Betty B. Wise

XL Catlin

Larry and Eleanor Yarborough

Matthew Yezerski

Benefactors ($500-$999)

Albright’s Mill LLC

Jim Barnes

Jim and Nancy Bray

Bitsy Brockman

Phil and Pam Brown

David and Chigger Bynum

June Caldwell

Eric and Rita Carini

Jeff and Kathy Cartwright

Pat Cary


John Chambers

Mike Chambers

Kevin and Kathy Corkern

Daniel and Karen Pugh

Brad and Gloria Darr

Doug Darsow

Earl Swensson Associates

First Tennessee Foundation

Franklin Tomorrow

Janice Hardrath and Ron Kempf

Phil and Connie Hasty

Paul Holtzinger

Hoogland’s Landscape LLC

Ironshore Insurance Services

Milton and Denise Johnson

Andy Johnston

David and Tanya Jones

Phil and Rebecca Kelly

Kenneth and Michelle King

Kroger Community Rewards

Bruce and Cammy Kryder

David and Shannon McGahren

Frank McKenna

Bob and Kay Musgrove

Kevin and Michelle Myers

Beth Corinne Oxborough

Bruce Peery

Gary and Nancy Price

Randy Price

Greg and Susan Reny

Sentry Steel Service Co Inc

Ken Solesby

Andrew and Shellie Sowell

John and Dianne Spooner

Joe and Brenda Steakley

Structural Design Group

Summers Foundation

Collin Suttie

Travelers Community Connections

United Way Of Metropolitan Nashville

Steve and Kirsten Vaughan

Russell Violett

Sarah Webster

Jonathan and Mary White

Leya White

Bob and Janie Yeager


Katy Braly by Fieldona Waggoner

Terry Bridges by Jackson Healthcare LLC

Barbra Chambers by John Chambers

Nicholas Dial

   by Anonymous

       William and Melissa Beasley

       Benny and Andi Hauk

       Mark and Heather Hilner

       Michael and Kathy Koellein

Catherine Ferree

   by Coy Jefcoat

        Trina Thompson

Brenda Hauk

   by Owen and Amy Joyner

Don and Judy Hauk

   by Susan Buell

Jim Lackey

   by Larry and Sidney Catlett

Lily and Cooper Nixon

   by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nixon

Philip Robichaux

   by Hoogland’s Landscape

        William and Norene Stallworth

Kate Snow

   by Tim and Patti Kelly

Vicki Warren

   by RE/MAX Fine Homes

Don and Prudy Wilkins

   by RE/MAX Fine Homes

Betty M. Wise

   by Phil and Bobbie Johnson

Diane Zaccard

   by Doug and Peggy Glenn


Suzie McAllister Bittmann

   by Bruce and Ellen Cutcliffe

        Colleen Dixon

        David Harlan

        Sean Harrigan

        Charles Jones

        Barbara Nash

        Sage Pickren

        Joel Pope

        Craig and Mary Romer

        Christy York

Zi Bolen

   by Steve Bolen

Herbert Duell

   by Steve Bolen

         Ron and Sharon Bottorff

         Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Burke

         Amy Chambers

         Cara Dettloff

         Doug and Peggy Glenn

         Gary and Brenda Hauk

         Mark and Laura Jernigan

         Wayne Johnson

         Mack Jordan

         Dwight and Sarajane Kiser

         Sammy and Janie Parker

         Johnnie and Nancy Pewitt

         Jerry and Barbara Reed

         Tamara Thompson

         Bonnie Wasson

         Roland and Joan Wright

Ellen Duncklee

   by Andy and Bonnie Freeh

        Gary and Brenda Hauk

Dr. Craig Ferrell

   by Lucas and Sara Boyd

        Betty Glenn

        Betty B. Wise

Dorcas Hauk Fowler

   by Todd and Bonnie Davis

        Kay Hauk

Dr. Franklin Fowler

   by Todd and Bonnie Davis

        Kay Hauk

Eleanor Waldrop Fulcher

    by Tom Magli

Dale Glenn

   by Albright’s Mill LLC

        Elsie Boderman

        Doug and Peggy Glenn

        Ernest and Nancy Henegar

        Edmund and Rita Roberts

        Richard and Bernadette Van Dias

William Harrell

   by Roger and Carole Wald

Jim Hinton

   by John and Becky Brown

       Dwayne and Linda Mitcham

       Max and Angela Wasserzug

Gayle Holtzinger

   by Hoogland’s Landscape

Helen Jackson

   by Melodye Luke

Katie Jeter

   by Jerry and Frances Bozeman

Fred McDowell

   by Virginia McDowell

Eloise Melton

   by Gary and Brenda Hauk

        Thomas and Grace McConnell

Jimmy Price

   by Amy Chambers

Doris Rhame

   by Steve Bolen

        Ron and Sharon Bottorff

        Amy Chambers

        Bill and Jeri Davis

        Todd and Bonnie Davis

        Jaylon and Judy Fincannon

        Terry and Diane Frazier

        Andy and Bonnie Freeh

        Sherri Gard

        Doug and Peggy Glenn

        Kay Hauk

        Jimmy and Kathy Hughes

        Mark and Laura Jernigan

        Martha Johnson

        Mack Jordan

        Paula K Gilliland Trust

        Johnnie and Nancy Pewitt

        Randy Price

        Jerry and Barbara Reed

        John and Deborah Riley

        Mike and Elaine Spaulding

        Don and Beth Stinnett

        Dave and Lauren Terry

        Tommy and Diane Thompson

        Vision Philanthropy Group

        Roger and Carole Wald

        Burke Watson

Louis Vescovo

   by Ruthie Balestrino

Bill Watson

   by Jimmy and Kathy Hughes

Benjamin C. Young

   by Cathy Young

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