Dr. Craig Ferrell Memorial Shoot

Thank you to everyone who made this year's Clay Shoot a wonderful event!

For more information about this annual event, please contact Randy Elliott at randy.elliott@brightstone.org or by phone at (615) 790-4888.

Thank you to our 2018 participating teams and sponsors.

Thanks to our 2017 participating teams and sponsors!

STAR Physical Therapy, Boe-Tel TN, CCS, Deangelis Diamond, Enterprise Solutions, JE DUNN, The Malbec Society, Nashville Machine Inc., Don and Beth Stinnett, RC Mathews Contractor, SSR, Jim and Phyllis Lackey, Bink's Lodge, Albert Menefee

In 2012, BrightStone lost a dear and valued friend, Dr. Craig Ferrell.  BrightStone would not be where it is today were it not for Dr. Ferrell's vision, foresight, and dedication.  He shared our mission Dr. Ferrellto help adults with special needs with all his friends and everyone he met, and he helped us shape a vision of something even better:  a campus where these adults could live and work with the support they need. To honor Dr. Craig Ferrell, this annual memorial shoot is organized each year by Mr. Scott Gentry, and is held at Gentry's Farm off New Highway 96 in Franklin.
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