Press Releases

Star of the Week: Philip & Kim

philipPhilip is a very special guy who is thought highly of at BrightStone by his peers and staff. He has a gentle way about him and demonstrates all the qualities of a "Class Star." He enjoys our Friday field trips to Chick-Fil-A and working in the Paint area. He loves watching old DVD's of our annual Christmas programs and playing UNO with his friends. He is a great asset to BrightStone and we are blessed to have him here. Way to go, Philip!  
kim Kim had a birthday this week and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to celebrate with her. She loves BrightStone and being around her friends. Kim has such good manners and always introduces herself to anyone new who comes in the building. She enjoys making bowls in Ceramics class and her favorite BrightStone product is fudge. She loves when Judy comes and she can lead "Doggie in the Window." Congratulations, Kim!

Star of the Week: Jock & Cathy

jockJock is our resident meteorologist. He is fascinated by the weather and keeps us up to date on important things like when Daylight Savings time starts and other red letter dates on the calendar. Jock says that his favorite daily living job is praying and he liked Taco Salad at lunch. He enjoys eating out at Olive Garden and listening to the Oak Ridge Boys version of "Elvira." Congratulations, Jock!  
cathyCathy is known as our "coupon lade," She clips coupons every Sunday and distributes them throughout the week to the staff. She is very thoughtful that way and has a great laugh when she "gets tickled." Her favorite work area is Packaging with Mr. Randy and she is always up for a game of Uno. She enjoys helping out in the kitchen and leading "Church in the Wildwood" during music. Way to go, Cathy!

Star of the Week: Jenny & Kelly

IMG_2057Jenny is a friend to all at BrightStone. She has a beautiful smile and a happy greeting that lets everyone know she's in the building. She's always willing to lend a hand by helping a friend hang their smock or putting away things after a work session. She loves to play Uno on Fridays after a trip to the bowling alley. Her favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-a and her favorite product we make is fudge. Congratulations, Jenny!  
IMG_2047 Kelly is one of a kind! She has been at BrightStone since the beginning and has a milestone birthday coming up in February. The highlight of Kelly's week is when Ms. Judy comes for music. She absolutely loves her and always requests to lead "Waddle-acha." Kelly enjoys painting and making bowls in the Ceramics classroom. She also like yoga and is always ready to strike a pose. Way to go, Kelly!

Star of the Week: Allen & Sean

allanAllen is a great BrightStone employee! He loves coming to BrightStone to be with his friends and he always works hard. His favorite work area is the Paint Room and he enjoys going to Chick-Fil-A on our Friday field trips. Allen has a lot of fun cooking lunch and preparing snack in the kitchen. His favorite restaurant is Sonic and he likes watching football in his leisure time. Congratulations, Allen!  
sean   Sean enjoys a little mischief! He likes to play jokes and just has a great sense of humor. His friends say he is very funny, which he is, and that he always has that wonderful smile on his face. Sean likes to eat Chinese food with his family and cheer on the Titans. At BrightStone, he enjoys playing Xbox bowling during activity time and making mugs in the Ceramics classroom. Way to go, Sean!

Star of the Week: Kelly & Don

kellyKelly was so excited to be named "Star of the Week!" We have talked a lot about it this week in our classes and what it takes to earn this aware. Kelly has set a great example by following directions and being kind to everyone. While at BrightStone, she enjoys the Learning Lab and working in the kitchen with Alexa. We all agree, she has the best imagination and entertains us with her stories. Congratulations, Kelly!
donDon is a popular guy at BrightStone. He always has a friendly "hello" for everyone and enjoys visiting with his friends. He is such an inspiration to us all and is always on board for whatever task he is assigned. Some of his BrightStone favorites are bowling on Fridays and working in the Consumables classroom. He enjoys Taco Salad at lunch and singing Christmas songs in music. Way to go, Don!
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