FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-May 20, 2013                                                               BrightStone was recently awarded $5,000 from the International Door Association, as a result of being selected as the recipient of the IDA Tancil Horne Charity Award. The 2013 IDAExpo was recently held at the Opryland Convention Center.  This year’s theme throughout the four days of exhibitions and workshops was “Tune in For Education”.  Each year, a local charity is selected to be the recipient of the Charity Award, which not only provides funding, but also provides an opportunity to participate in the exhibition with a booth.  BrightStone staff and adults assisted with the BrightStone booth over the final two days of the convention, showcasing and selling BrightStone products and distributing information about BrightStone. During the Opening Session, BrightStone’s Executive Director Brenda Hauk, accompanied by student Adam Finlan, were presented with a $5,000 check to help further the mission of BrightStone.  Earlier in the week, representatives from the IDA Board of Directors visited BrightStone to learn more about BrightStone’s program and belief that EVERY person can learn and work.  “We are so thankful for the awareness and support that come our way through community partnerships,” stated Mrs. Hauk.  “The IDAExpo was a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase BrightStone among many attendees from throughout the country.”
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