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Stars of the Week: Brian Glenn and Benny Weinberg

Brian Brian is a sweet and gentle soul. He excels in all work areas and also enjoys helping Alexa in the kitchen. One of the perks of "Class Star" is shopping at Kroger to purchase supplies for next week's lunches and snacks. Brian loves doing that and is very helpful. He is a great friend to all and we love having him at BrightStone. Congratulations, Brian!  
  benny Benny loves coming to BrightStone on the days he isn't working. He has been a loyal employee at Macy's for many years and loves his job. You may know him as our conductor each year at the Christmas program. He is a very hard worker and says he really enjoys the Consumables classroom and making trays in Ceramics. He has a contagious laugh and has many long time friends here. Way to go, Benjamin!  

Volunteer Opportunity: Main Street Festival in Franklin

The Heritage Foundation's returns to downtown Franklin April 29-30, 2017. The free springs celebration, which is one of the largest events in the Southeast, is expected to draw a crowd of thousands for a fun-filled weekend of music, arts and crafts, food and children's activities. Main Street Festival is a wonderful event not just to sell student-made products that help fund the program at BrightStone but it is also a great opportunity for more people to hear and get excited about our mission and vision. Since it is such a largely attended event, we have an audience that may not otherwise know about BrightStone and raise awareness for the adults with special needs who live and work right here in their community. BrightStone will have a booth located at the corner of 2nd and Main Street in the same spot as years past on Saturday ONLY. We will have 2 shifts:

9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

1:30 PM - 5:30 PM

We are looking for five people for each each shift. One volunteer to assist with bagging and wrapping at checkout, two working in the booth with stocking and selling and two handing out samples and selling in and around the booth. If you have an outgoing personality, would enjoy sharing about BrightStone at this outdoor event where it may be a little warm but a lot of fun then we need YOU! This could be a great service project for a small group, Sunday school class, civic group or club. If you would like to volunteer or have questions, please contact Lee Rose at or call 615-790-4888.

main street festival

Star of the Week: Justin and Ali

JustinJustin looks forward to the dream of the BrightStone campus being a reality. He loves to share his ideas about what all it should include and how much fun it will be to live there. He enjoys going out into the community and having a chance to promote BrightStone. His favorite work area is Packaging and he also enjoys making platters with Ms. Claire in Ceramics. He especially likes the Greek salad that Ms. Alexa makes for lunch and he a fierce competitor in Xbox. Congratulations, Justin!
  aliAli is known for his great manners and never hesitates to thank someone for helping him do something. He knows a lot about computers and enjoys working in the Learning Lab. His favorite BrightStone products blondies and does a great job making and packaging them. "Rocky Top" is his favorite song to lead in music and he loves a good game of Uno on Fridays. Way to go, Ali!

Star of the Week: Jessica & Andy

JessicaJessica is one of a kind! She loves life and always has a sweet smile for everyone she meets. She is quite the shopper and enjoys our Friday field trips to Target or Walmart. She likes putting the finishing touches on our products in the Packaging area and making bowls in Ceramics. Jessica loves her family and enjoys eating out at Logan's and going to the Preds games. Congratulations, Jessica!
IMG_2215 Andy recently took a trip to California to see his brother, Ben. He was so happy to see his friends when he came back to BrightStone! Andy has a great attitude in each classroom, but especially likes working in the Learning Lab. Bowling is his favorite Friday field trip and he loves music with Ms. Judy. He is a big University of Kentucky fan and loves cheering them on. Way to go, Andy!

Star of the Week: Elissa & Reggie

elissaElissa is one of the first students off the bus in the morning wearing her sparkly, light up shoes! She brings such a great attitude and is just a bright spot in everyone's day. She really enjoys painting pots and chocolate chip cookies are her favorite BrightStone product. In her leisure time, she loves going to the Predators and Titans games with her family. She's a joy to have at BrightStone and a great friend to everyone. Congratulations, Elissa!
ReggieReggie is one of our newest students and this is a his first time to be awarded "Class Star!" Reggie tackles each day at BrightStone with lots of energy and enthusiasm. He made lots of new friends right away and has been a great addition. Reggie has enjoyed learning the packaging process with Mr. Randy and also making platters in Ceramics. His favorite restaurant is Taco Bell and he likes watching football. Way to go, Reggie!
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