ALONG THE JOURNEY– Part Two– BrightStone, LiveSaver and LifeGiver

Since March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, BrightStone will be sharing a 4-part series each week focusing on family experiences and solutions for their adult living with developmental disabilities.

BrightStone, LifeSaver and LifeGiver

Jock's attending BrightStone has been my dream ever since I heard that Brenda Hauk was realizing her mission of providing services to the adult special needs population in our area.  Having known Brenda and Dru Victory at Franklin High School, I was certain that both of them were wonderfully sensitive, qualified people to head up this venture. My son, Jock, began attending BrightStone on March 1, 2004.  I realized then that Jock had great potential for learning if only a teacher knew how to develop that potential.  Brenda and her staff are extremely capable of bringing out the very best in each BrightStone student.  BrightStone is by far the best vocational training environment in Tennessee.  In spite of all of his physical and mental limitations, Jock is a bright, engaging young man who loves to be with people.  BrightStone provides the opportunity for Jock to socialize but just as importantly to hone his social, vocational and academic skills.  BrightStone gives Jock a chance to develop more independence in a safe, accepting, loving environment.  In a less caring, less motivational setting, Jock would probably deteriorate to the point of having to be sedated much of the time.  But at Brightstone, he excels; he feels good about himself and those around him. He has good days at BrightStone. Jack and I knew there was no other life course for us except to lovingly care for our firstborn son to the very best of our ability.  We have done that long and well.  Now, however, Jack is gone and I am an older, single parent with serious health problems.  The idea of  BrightStone providing future residential services is especially important for Jock's future.  
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