What Parents Are Saying

When Catherine graduated from High School, we didn’t know what the next chapter would be in her life. For someone as social as she is, it was very important for us to find a place where she can go daily and continue to flourish. Thankfully, we did. BrightStone has provided Catherine with endless love and support from day one. Words will never be able to express the gratitude we have for BrightStone. It’s been such a blessing to my family!
At BrightStone our parents and families are considered the "experts" on their adult student.  It is from their testimonies that we are challenged and inspired to continue providing the best loving care for the one they love so much. For us, Brightstone has been an answer to prayer. It is impossible to see the smiling faces of the students and the enthusiasm of the staff to deny God’s presence. The fruits of the spirit are so evident! Peace, joy, love and understanding, may they all continue to abound!  
God works through people, and for me BrightStone is a shining example of God's love pouring through our amazing teachers and staff every day as they work with my daughter and her friends. I consider BrightStone to be one of the greatest blessings in my daughter and my family's lives.  
-Rita B
BrightStone gives my son a chance to develop more independence in a safe, accepting, loving environment. In a less caring, less motivating setting, he would probably deteriorate, but at BrightStone, he excels; he feels good about himself and those around him. He has good days at BrightStone.  
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