May 2017

Stars of the Week: Brian Glenn and Benny Weinberg

Brian Brian is a sweet and gentle soul. He excels in all work areas and also enjoys helping Alexa in the kitchen. One of the perks of "Class Star" is shopping at Kroger to purchase supplies for next week's lunches and snacks. Brian loves doing that and is very helpful. He is a great friend to all and we love having him at BrightStone. Congratulations, Brian!  
  benny Benny loves coming to BrightStone on the days he isn't working. He has been a loyal employee at Macy's for many years and loves his job. You may know him as our conductor each year at the Christmas program. He is a very hard worker and says he really enjoys the Consumables classroom and making trays in Ceramics. He has a contagious laugh and has many long time friends here. Way to go, Benjamin!  
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