October 2016

Star of the Week: Bobby & Jennifer

img_1710Bobby is one of ┬áthe kindest and soft spoken young men you will ever meet. He quietly and diligently gets the job done, no matter what task he is given that day. He rides a long way to come to BrightStone everyday but he wouldn't have it any other way. He says that the packaging classroom is his favorite but he also likes making plates in Ceramics. You are a joy to have at BrightStone, Bobby. Congratulations!  
img_1707 Jennifer is so much fun and loves to joke around with her friends and teachers. She lights up the room with her laughter and her quick smile. Jennifer is a "Franklin girl" so she has lots of fiends outside of BrightStone as well. She loves cheering on the Titans and is a great bowler. While at BrightStone, she enjoys making blondies and working in the Paint classroom. You are one of a kind, Jen. Way to go!

Stars of the Week: Barbara & Mike

barbi Barbara was one of our first students at BrightStone. Her Dad tells a pretty neat story about our beginning days and what a blessing BrightStone has been to her and her family. She is so driven and always pushes herself to be better. She is an inspiration to us all! Barbara enjoy the Consumables work area and loves the chocolate chip cookies she makes there. Her favorite color is hot pink, she was very specific about that, and she looks forward to seeing the new movie "Trolls." We are so glad you are at BrightStone, Barbara. Congratulations!
bigmike Mike is our "gentle giant." He is so kind and has so much enthusiasm for BrightStone and life in general. His biggest love is music of any kind, but especially Carrie Underwood and the Oak Ridge Boys. Mike can often been seen carrying around a collection of CD's. It is well known that his favorite song is in music is "Elvira." He says his favorite daily living job is praying before lunch and Packaging is the classroom he enjoys the most. We are happy to have you at BrightStone, Big Mike. Way to go!

Star of the Week: Tammy & Benny

tammyTammy takes her role as the "BrightStone Secretary" seriously. She is very conscientious and takes great pride in her work. She enjoys music and especially practicing for the Christmas program. Her favorite daily living job is cleaning up after snack and she LOVES taco salad for lunch. She is a real asset to BrightStone and we love having her here. Congratulations, Tammy!  
bennyBenny has the best sense of humor and infectious laugh. He is warmhearted and enjoys themany friendships he has made at BrightStone. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to a fellow student or teacher. He enjoys our Friday bowling days and working in the paint work area. His favorite color is blue and he loves the "Herbie the Love Bug" movie. You are a true star, Benny!

Students Enjoy Special Olympics Bowling

special-olympics-logo On October 11, 2016, BrightStone students joined hundreds of bowlers in Williamson County for the Special Olympics Bowling event held at Franklin Family Entertainment Center. BrightStone students look forward to this event all year long and practice for months to prepare. Many high scores were made and ribbons won but the real joy was gathering with others from all across the county for a wonderful and fun event.

Please enjoy the pictures below from the 2016 Special Olympics Williamson County Bowling Event

dsc_0037dsc_0155dsc_0131dsc_0173dsc_0108 dsc_0114

Star of the Week: Dani

img_0731Dani is a spark of energy and adds so much fun to BrightStone. She is known for her great attitude and the initiative she shows in each work area. She just jumps right in and focuses on the task at hand! Dani enjoys all the work areas but says the Learning Lab is definitely her favorite. She loves to lead the "BrightStone Song" in music and is our best cheerleader. We love your enthusiasm, Dani. Congratulations! See Dani's excitement at being named "Star of the Week" in the video below!  
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