September 2016

HCA Volunteers Deeply Impacted While Also Blessing BrightStone

HCA Community Day on September 22, 2016 was such a blessing to BrightStone. Nearly 30 volunteers left their offices and put their work on hold to spend the day serving at BrightStone. Thank you HCA for having  a wonderful community program like this and allowing your employees to spend their time serving. To the volunteers who worked so hard and who made a big difference at BrightStone, we so deeply appreciate you, your time and the incredible work that you did.   Many of the volunteers worked on the 138 acres that is the future home of the new BrightStone campus. They removed a fence and reclaimed the wood for future use by pulling out nails. It was 90 degrees that day and these volunteers worked in the hot sun all day long doing difficult, manual labor. What an incredible labor of love it was for them to do this very important task which saved BrightStone thousands of dollars by not having to pay someone to do it. A few volunteers worked with the students in their job training areas, helping on an outing to practice for the Special Olympics bowling competition  and even practiced for the students' Christmas Program with them. One volunteer, Chris Dendy, formed a special bond with the students and made a new friend in Stephen, one of our student. It was wonderful to watch them interact throughout the day and to see how excited Stephen was to have Chris and the other volunteers at BrightStone. When we asked Chris about his experience, he was more than happy to share about it with us and apparently he was so touched by his time here that he's shared about BrightStone to everyone he's talked to recently!

"I have to say that this Community Day, in particular, was very impactful to me.  To see the work you all do, first-hand, and the impact you have on your students really emphasized to me the importance of your mission.  Getting to hang out with Stephen, especially, was one of the bright spots in my time with you all.  He was such a joy to be around and I, personally, haven’t been able to stop talking about it ever since.  I can see why you and all the other staff members there are so passionate about the work you do.  I only had a small taste of your world and it absolutely left an indelible impression on me.  It was truly an experience that I will not soon forget."
We are so glad that Chris enjoyed his volunteer experience and we are so thankful for all the volunteers from HCA. Thank you for making a difference in the community!  

Olivia Olive Oil Now Carrying BrightStone Products

We are so excited to announce that Olivia Olive Oil in Cool Springs just became BrightStone's newest retail partner. They have stocked our mixes and dips which will be available in store AND online at their website.   olivia-olive-oil-website-screen-shotPlease visit their website at or in store at 443 Cool Springs Blvd #103, Franklin, TN 37067.      

To see other retail partners and locations where you can purchase BrightStone's products, please


Stars of the Week: Jimmy & Michael

Jimmy pointing out the t-shirt from one of his trips Jimmy has been coming to BrightStone for about a year. He has fit right in and often brings books about trains or trips he has taken with his family. He is a joy to be around and seems to enjoy all the work areas, especially Packaging. In addition to his duties at BrightStone, he also works several days a week at Pizza Hut. His favorite movie is "October Sky" and he enjoys cheering for the UT Vols. Way to go, Jimmy!    

Michael excited to be named "Star of the Week!" Michael was one of the first BrightStone students in the very beginning. He has been friends with some of his fellow students for many years. He also is a busy guy, working at the "Thrift Store" part time and going to the mall for pizza on Tuesday afternoons. He enjoys the Consumables work area and making our famous Three Minute Fudge mix. Michael also enjoys the days he is assigned to the kitchen to help with lunch. Glad you are here, Michael!

Star of the Week: Catherine & Sarah

Catherine was delighted to be named "Class Star" this week. She is a happy-go-lucky girl with a great attitude! Catherine has a close knit family with whom she enjoys spending time. She is great at helping clean up after snack and loves singing one of our new songs, "The Christmas Twist," in music class. Her favorite Friday afterrnoon activity is Xbox bowling and she wears a lot of orange to support her team, the UT Vols. We are so thankful to have Catherine at BrightStone. Congratulations!

sarah Sarah has a sweet spirit and a willingness to do whatever job at BrightStone she is assigned. She is very eager to please her teachers and always goes the extra mile. She is affectionately known as "sweet pea" for that reason. She is a huge Texas Longhorns fan and her favorite place to eat out is Logan's. At BrightStone, she likes helping out in the kitchen and enjoying meatloaf for lunch. We are blessed to have Sarah BrightStone. Way to go!

Stars of the Week: Barbra and Tara

Barbra is one of the most easy going people you will ever meet. She has a heart of gold and is always kind and respectful to her peers and teachers. She is very social and enjoys bowling with her friends. She loves our BrightStone Blondies and helping Miss Alexa prepare lunch in the BrightStone kitchen. Her favorite ceramic piece is the big bowls that they make in class. We are so fortunate to have you at BrightStone, Barbra. Congratulations!  

Tara has many redeeming qualities, but one of the most special things about her is the care and concern that she shows for others. She is a loyal friend and cares deeply for each of her fellow students. Tara enjoys going to the Learning Lab and leading "Peace Like a River" in music class. Her favorite BrightStone lunch is fish sticks and she loves going to Krispy Kreme for Friday field trips. We love you "bug" and are thankful to have you here. Way to go!
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