June 2016

Stars of the Week: Jessica & Philip

Jessica lights up a the room with her smile and sparkling blue eyes! She is a caring friend to her peers and works hard in all the work areas. Her favorite product to make in Consumables is Blondies and she enjoys our weekly yoga class. She loves her family and eating at Logan's with them on the weekends. Jessica also played a big part in our Christmas program as a bell ringer. Great job, Jessica!     Philip Philip has such a kind spirit and caring nature. He is well loved around BrightStone and is known for his encouraging words and impeccable manners. He enjoys leading "Jesus Loves Me" in music and his favorite daily living job is praying. He is an awesome swimmer and also enjoys our yoga class. He is a friend to all and a joy to have around. Congratulations, Philip!

Stars of the Week: Dani & Andy

  Dani is a young lady who gives her best to everything she does at BrightStone. She has a precious and enthusiastic personality and was overjoyed to be selected as "Star of the Week." She is one of BrightStone's biggest cheerleaders and her passion and joy is contagious. While at BrightStone, she enjoys making fudge in Consumables and helping out in the kitchen. She loves eating at Amerigo's with her family and watching Barney. We are so happy you are here, Dani!

  andy Andy has a great, infections smile that will warm your heart. He has an interest in cars, trucks and buses. Riding the BrightStone bus is one of his favorite things and it comes as no surprise that "Herbie the Love Bug" is his favorite movie. Andy loves to work in the Packaging area with his friend, Mr. Randy. His favorite BrightStone lunch is Taco Salad and he loves leading "If You're Happy and You Know It" in music calls. What a great addition you are to our BrightStone family, Andy!

Bowlability Teams are Forming Now

DSC_0072Silvana Gleim and Lisa Thorpe stopped by BrightStone recently to say hi and get their teams registered for Bowlability this year. They both work at Regions and this is Sil's 4th year to participate. She also helps coordinate her church's team which is where she first heard about BrightStone. Allan, a BrightStone student, attends church with Sil and that is how she found out about the event. Their work and church teams have continued to grow and they keep coming back every year because they said it's such a fun event but even more importantly, it's for a great cause. Thank you Sil and Lisa for your leadership and enthusiasm!

Have you and your team registered yet? Teams are forming and fundraising is underway. Today is a great day to get started!

New Director of Advancement



Randy on busBrightStone is embarking on an exciting journey as we make plans to expand our current services and to develop a well-defined job training and life learning program – unique in its regard to individual choices, community structure, and educational model. This new concept will allow us to affect the lives of over 100 adults with special needs, offering them a place of their choice to live, learn, work, and grow. We will continue to keep you informed as we move forward on this God-inspired vision for our community. I am pleased and excited to welcome Randy Elliott as BrightStone’s Director of Advancement. Randy is a seasoned professional and has lived in the Franklin community for the past 13 years. I know you will enjoy getting to know Randy and will appreciate his enthusiasm for BrightStone and our future vision. Please feel free to reach out to Randy by email at  or by phone at 615-790-4888 ext 101. There are over 7,000 families in Tennessee who are waiting for government support in their life challenges. BrightStone is poised to provide a viable solution and real hope for many of these families. What a blessing it will be to provide so many individuals living each day with the challenge of an intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to have a more productive and meaningful life. Their future looks bright! I am truly grateful and say "thank you" for your investment in BrightStone. With your continued support, BrightStone will be able to bless our community and Tennessee for decades to come. And, it's my prayer that God will bless you and your family too. With grateful appreciation,     Brenda Hauk, Executive Director

Brentwood Garden Club Celebrates National Garden Week at BrightStone

The Brentwood Garden Club donated another incredible arrangement to BrightStone this year in honor of National Garden Week. The flowers adorned the front desk and were commented on by many of the visitors, students and staff for being so stunning. Thank you, again, Brentwood Garden Club for blessing BrightStone with such beautiful flowers!

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