May 2016

Star of the Week: Barbra and Catherine

Barbra is a good friend to everyone. She has a beautiful, warm smile that makes everyone feel welcome. Barbra also has a good memory which comes in really handy at BrightStone. She is kind and gracious and always does her best in each work area. She enjoys making Blondies in Consumables and helping out in the kitchen. Barbra likes to eat at Logan's and watch "Frozen" in her leisure time at home. We are so thankful to have you at BrightStone, BrightStone, Barbra!   catherine Catherine has a great enthusiasm for life and is a joy to have around! She is always cheering on her friends, whether on the bocce court or in work session. Catherine says her favorite work area is Consumables and loves going to Chick-fil-A on our Friday field trip. She really enjoys spending time with her family, especially going on their annual beach trips. Her favorite song in music is "Rocky Top." Congratulations, Catherine, on being our new "Class Star!"

Stars of the Week: Jenny and Kim

Jenny is a great helper! She likes to keep things neat and is often seen straightening up the multi-purpose room. She also has a great spirit and each day comes in with a huge smile announcing her presence with a loud, "Jenny's here!" Hearing that always makes us smile. Jenny's BrightStone favorites include putting together the ingredients for cookies in the consumables room and working on bird baths in ceramics. Congratulations for being a great "class star," Jenny!   kim Cute, fun and feisty are three good words to describe Kim. She never meets a stranger and she is always quick to introduce herself. During Kim's leisure time at home, she enjoys watching game shows while sitting in her recliner and drinking coffee. Of, the life! When she is at BrightStone, Kim enjoys leading the "BrightStone Song" during music and working on nativity scenes in ceramics. Thanks for being a part of BrightStone, Kim!

Star of the Week: Stephen & Elissa

Stephen is a natural born performer. He is so full of life and a little mischievous, but we love him to pieces! He loves to tell us about riding his tractor and his horses. Stephen enjoys eating out at Pizza Hut with his family and pink is his favorite color. At BrightStone, the Packaging area is his favorite work area and he likes to go bowling on Fridays. Congratulations, Stephen. Great job!   elissa Elissa is cute and full of excitement. She enjoys dancing, especially the chicken dance, and gives the best hugs! She brightens our day from the moment she steps off the bus in the morning. Elissa loves coming to BrightStone and says her favorite work area is Consumables. She likes to bowl on Fridays and enjoys her Sonic hamburger on Tuesday night. Congratulations, Elissa, you are a real star!

Star of the Week: Justin & Kelly

Justin takes life very seriously and is willing to share his wisdom on most any topic of conversation that comes up. This makes him a fun and interesting person to talk to! Justin really enjoys coming to BrighStone and helping assist Ms. Lisa with creating new yoga poses. His favorite Friday field trip is to Chick-Fil-A and the work area he likes best is Packaging with Mr. Randy. Congratulations, Justin!   kelly marie Kelly was so happy to be names "Class Star" this week! She had already been setting the stage by telling us all how hard she had been working lately. Kelly is just a delight to have at BrightStone and has the cutest sense of humor. While at BrightStone, she enjoys working in the paint room and bowling on Fridays. She also LOVES music with Ms. Judy, who is one of Kelly's favorite people. Way to go, Kelly!

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