April 2016

Star of the Week: Tara and Sean

Tara is affectionally know as "the bug" and is one of BrightStone's favorites! She has such a good heart and truly loves and cares for her friends. Tara says her favorite lunch at BrightStone is chicken nuggets. She enjoys helping out in the kitchen and working in the Consumables work area. Congratulations, Tara. We love our bug!     sean Sean is our resident politician. He always greets you with a handshake and a warm "hello." He is proud to be a part of the BrightStone family and enjoys working in the Packaging work area with Mr. Randy. Taco salad is Sean's favorite lunch at BrightStone and he enjoys cleaning up after snack time. Sean is a delightful young man and we are glad he is part of BrightStone!

Star of the Week: Ali and Ryan

aliAli is a terrific guy and friend to many at BrightStone. He has a great collection of t-shirts which is always a topic of conversation. He has really been on top of his game this week and has kept us all laughing! He enjoys listening to classical music and watching "Family Feud" at home. At BrightStone, Ms. Sherri says he is a great helper in the Consumables work area an she is always a good "purple ball" player at the YMCA. You are always a star to us, Ali. Congratulations!!   Ryan is a great representative for BrightStone. He is always willing to tell others about what goes on here and how much he loves his "BrightStone family." He has a very active social life outside of BrightStone and loves to do things with his nephews. Ryan enjoys going to Chick-fil-A on Fun Fridays and typing on the computers in the Learning Lab. His favorite BrightStone lunch is fish sticks. Thanks for being a part of BrightStone, Ryan. Way to go!!

Star of the Week: Stephanie & Don

stephanieStephanie has had a BIG day! Not only is she our new "Class Star," but is also happens to be her birthday. Stephanie is one of our most beloved students. She comes in everyday so glad to be here and see her friends, but really focuses on whatever work area she is in that day. She enjoys walking in exercise class and loves taco salad for lunch. In her free time, she listens to the Beach Boys and plays with her dogs, Max and Daisy. Congratulations and happy birthday, Steph!  


Don is an awesome guy! His teachers say that he will always do whatever is asked of him and is such a kind person. He is a very hard worker in all areas but says the Packaging work room is his favorite. He enjoys playing purple ball and basketball at the YMCA. In his leisure time, he watches "Dukes of Hazard" and enjoys eating at Burger King. We love having you at BrightStone, Don. Congratulations!

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