February 2016

Star of the Week: Philip

Philip is always a gentleman and has one of the happiest smiles you will ever see. He is a great ambassador for BrightStone, always throwing kisses as he spreads his cheer with kind words everywhere he goes. Some of Philip's favorite leisure activities are swimming, watching "The Price is Right" and listening to the Beach Boys. During his days at BrightStone, he says he enjoys going to the Learning Lab, trips to the park, going to Franklin Library and helping prepare lunch. Thank you, Philip, we all need your cheer!

Star of the Week: Allen & Brian

Aallenllen has been around BrighStone for awhile and knows the ropes. His Friends say he is kind and likes to laugh while his teaches say what a hard worker he is in the classroom. Everyone agrees he is a great guy who enjoys working in Consumables and music with Mr. Lee. Allen likes to eat at McDonald's and is fascinated by anything to do with cars. Congratulations, Allen!   brian Fun fact about Brian, his favorite place to travel is Disneyworld and he loves to "study" travel guides and other books about Disney before he goes. Brian is such an asset to the BrighStone and we have enjoyed watching him grown and learn new things since he has been here. He liked to play basketball at the YMCA and enjoys all activities in the Learning Lab. Great job, Brian!  

Stars of the Week: Jessica and Sarah

Jessica loves her family time! She enjoys eating at Red Lobster and playing with her dogs, Max and Daisy. . During her days at BrightStone, her favorite work area is Ceramics and she loves participating in yoga class with Ms. Lisa. Congratulations, Jess!     sarah Sarah is known for her great smile and warm personality. She likes watching "Wheel of Fortune" and listening to Christian music in her leisure time. While at BrightStone, she enjoys working on the computers an din the Packaging area. Way to go, Sarah?  

Stars of the Week: Ali and Tammy

Ali is a fun and friendly guy with a warm smile. He enjoys rolling his wheelchair around BrightStone and visiting with everyone. He recently went on a fun trip to the beach to visit family and has been all smiles ever since he came back. Ali says he enjoys listening all types of music and eating at Olive Garden with his family. His favorite Fridays field trip is the library and he he loves working and learning on the computers in the Learning Lab where Ms. Katherine says Ali often helps her with the computers. You are a special guy, Ali!   tammyTammy feels at home when she is at BrightStone.Even though she enjoys visiting with all the students and staff, we all know that Ms. Judy, our volunteer music teacher, is her favorite. In Tammy's time at home, she enjoys horseback riding and playing games on her new XBOX 360. While at BrightStone, she enjoys the Packaging work area and serving at lunch. She also helps deliver the mail and the weekly student newsletters every week. We love having you here, Tammy!  

Stars of the Week: Catherine and Barbra

catherineCatherine is a BrightStone cheerleader! If you have ever seen her at Bowlability or the Christmas Program, you would agree. She loves riding the bus to school and being with her friends every day. Working with Mr. Randy packaging our products, serving at lunch and music class with Ms. Judy are some of her favorite things to do at BrightStone. Way to go, Catherine!   barbra Barbra is a wealth of information! She's always telling us what was on the morning news. With those rosy cheeks and bright smile, she comes off the bus ready to start her day at BrightStone. She loves bowling, enjoys working on the computers in the Learning Lab and likes cooking with Alexa. You are a joy to have at BrightStone, Barbra!  
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