January 2016

Stars of the Week: Stephanie and Jenny

stephanieStephanie is a very social and caring young lady. She loves coming to BrightStone and never wants to miss a minute of our activities. She greets everyone with a smile and often makes birthday and get well cards for her friends. She loves going to Chick-Fil-A on Fridays and working in the packaging work area. In her spare time, she cheers on the Titans and enjoys eating at Logan's with her family. Congratulations, Stephanie!   Jenny is excited to come to BrighStone and we love hearing her announce "Jenny here," when she arrives each day. She says that cleaning up is her favorite "daily living" job. She is so good at it and keeps the multi-purpose room neat by helping to clean up after lunch and always making sure the stairs are pushed under the table. She really loves music with Ms. Judy and learning on the iPads in the Learning Lab. Way to go, Jenny!

Stars of the Week: Kelly Marie and Elissa

kelly marie Kelly Marie has been talking about being "Class Star" since we got back from Christmas break. She has worked really hard this week and all her teachers agreed that it was well deserved. Her claim to fame is her signature earrings. She has such a collection that she wears a different pair almost every day! Kelly enjoys her days at BrightStone and says that she likes playing basketball at the YMCA, bowling on Fridays and cleaning up after snack. Congratulations on a job well done, Kelly!!   elyssaElissa is a joy and inspiration to all of us at BrightStone. She is so happy to be here and see her friends every single day. She is a wonderful dancer and does a great "chicken dance." During her days at BrightStone, Elissa loves learning new things on the computer in Learning Lab, Taco Salad for lunch and her favorite field trip on "Fun Fridays" is bowling. We are thrilled, Elissa, that you are part of the BrihgtStone family. Great work this week  

Stars of the Week: Stephen & Kim

Stepehn is a born performer and loves practicing for the Christmas Program! He quickly learns all the words and puts forth great enthusiasm during each practice. Even though the Christmas performance is over, he has still been entertaining us with his songs! Stephen enjoys his days at BrightStone and his favorites are saying the blessing at lunch, learning on the computers and bowling on Fridays. Job well done, Stephen!     kim Kim is a happy girl! She comes to BrighStone with a smile and a warm, friendly greeting each day. She is excited to have received a new puppy at her house over the holidays. Kim enjoys watching game shows in her leisure time and eating out at Red Lobster. During her days at BrightStone, she enjoys painting, playing ball at the YMCA and baked potato bar at lunch. Way to go, Kim!  

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