November 2015

Star of the Week: Elissa and Stephanie

We should all approach life the way Elissa does. She is the definition of joy and absolutely loves everything we do at BrightStone. She has such a great personality and really brightens up the place. Elissa says her favorite work area is consumables with Ms. Sherri. She enjoys playing basketball at the YMCA and enjoys cheering for the Predators. Congratulations, Elissa! StephanieStephanie is such a happy person and a great example of a "Class Star." She is kind, warm hearted and is always ready to help a friend in need. She loves learning new things on the computer in the Learning Lab, English muffin pizza is her favorite BrightStone lunch and she enjoys listening to the Beach Boys in her leisure time. Way to go, Stephanie!  

Stars of the Week: Ali and Stephen

 Ali has many good qualities. He always says "please" and "thank you" and is so gracious when someone helps him. He is known for his quick wit and sense of humor, he really knows how to tell a good joke. His favorite work area is the new packaging room. He enjoys serving at lunch and watching "Family Feud" in his leisure time. Congratulations on a job well done, Ali! stephen Stephen is lovingly knows as the BrightStone "class clown!" He is always making us laugh and has a sweet disposition. He is also known to be super helpful at cleaning up after lunch and helping Ms. Lisa lead yoga. Stephen loves to help Alexa in the kitchen and also enjoys bowling on Fridays. Thanks for your hard work, Stephen!  

Stars of the Week: Justin and Kate

justinJustin is always counting how many "work days" we have to get our products ready for the holidays and keeping us on task. His friends say he has a great singing voice and a great sense of humor. His favorite work area is packaging, he enjoys serving at lunch and eating at Jason's Deli. Good job, Justin!   kate Kate is a gracious young lady who also had a birthday this week. When she's not at BrightStone, Kate's calendar is always full eating out and visiting with friends and with church activities. While she's here, she likes to help clean up after snack. Her favorite Friday field trip is bowling and she enjoys our weekly yoga classes. Congratulations, Kate!
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