October 2015

Stars of the Week: Bobby and Ryan

Our daily devotion today was all about a person's reputation and how important it is. Bobby has the reputation of being kind, polite and always a gentleman. Everyone agreed he has all the qualities of a great Class Star. Bobby enjoys the packaging work area, typing on the computer in the Learning Lab and watching "Survivor" in his spare time. We are so proud of you, Bobby!


Ryan was elated to be named Class Star this week. If you haven't had the change to meet and be around Ryan, you have missed a treat. He has such a good attitude not only at BrightStone but about life in general. His favorite thing about BrightStone is definitely getting to spend every day with his friends. He enjoys our Friday bowling field trop and his favorite lunch is the baked potato bar. Well done, Ryan

Stars of the Week: Dani and Jennifer

 Dani is one of our newest students and has been anxiously waiting to be "Star of the Week." She was thrilled! She loves to sing and is a working hard preparing for the Christmas Program. Dani says she enjoys bowling on Fridays, playing basketball at the YMCA and eating out with her family at Amerigo's. Dani, you have been a great addition to the BrightStone Family!   We're so proud of Jennifer who got a new part-time job at Kroger after Harris Teeter closed. She is a people person and is always interested in what everyone is doing. Jennifer enjoys the ceramics work area, helping out in the kitchen at BrightStone and cheering for the Tennessee Titans. Congratulations, Jennifer, well deserved!

Stars of the Week: Kelly and Benny

Kelly was so excited to be named "Class Star" this week. She is such a sweetheart and is loved by all at BrightStone. One interesting thing about Kelly is that she loves her "bling." She wears a great collections of bracelets and necklaces every day. Kelly says her favorite things at BrightStone are the packaging work area, shopping on Fridays and having taco salad for lunch. Congratulations to one of BrightStone's brightest stars! Benny has a wonderful, infectious laugh and sense of humor. He has a part time job outside of BrightStone, but one of his jobs here is as our recycling guy. He collects and sorts the recycling and also accompanies staff to the Recycle Center. Benny also enjoys the paint work area, bowling on Fridays and playing basketball at the YMCA. Congratulations, Benny, you are a true star!  

Stars of the Week: Brian and Philip

Brian is one of our hardest workers here. He always enjoys typing and learning on the computers in the Learning Lab and working in the paint room. In his spare time, he stays busy with his word search puzzles which he is very good at. Congratulations to Brian, you are a star!     When Philip gets off the bus in the mornings, we are all treated to his "air kisses." He is a favorite with his friends at BrightStone and known for his gentlemanly ways. When we play any kind of trivia game or jingo, he always knows all the answers. He is a smart guy and we are so happy to have him here at BrightStone. Way to go, Philip!

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