September 2015

Stars of the Week: Jessica & Sarah

Jessica enjoys when our music teacher, Judy, comes for music class. Even though it's only September, we are already practicing for the Christmas program and Jessica is really working hard learning the songs. Jessica is doing a fantastic job in all the work areas but says her favorite is the consumables room where they make those yummy mixes and dips. Way to go, Jess!     Sarah has a knack for good conversation. She is such a joy to talk to and to have in the classroom. She is always eager to tackle the job at hand in whatever work area she is assigned. She has great enthusiasm! She loves bowling, cleaning up after snack and going to Chick-Fil-A on our Friday field trips. Job well done, Sarah!

Stars of the Week: Jock and Jon

Jock has the most amazing memory. For example, he always remembers your birthday, what month your car tags are due and when you need to change your air filters at home. He participates on our bocce team in Special Olympics (which happens to be his favorite sport), enjoys eating at Logan's and loves singing along to "Elvira" by the Oak Ridge Boys. We are so proud of you, Jock! Jon is a very determined young man. He and his family participate in the golf benefit where he not only plays but is always recognized for his ability to fund raise He is an all-around good guy, a great ambassador for BrighStone and we are lucky to have him here. Congrats, Jon!

STARS of the Week–Tammy and Allen

Tammy has lots of jobs around BrightStone, but most importantly, she is our mail person.  She distributes the incoming mail every day, by herself, and evendelivers it to each staff member. She takes this and all her work at BrightStone very seriously!  She loves having taco salad for lunch, enjoys our yoga class twice a week and is an avid horsewoman in her spare time. Allen was an exemplary student this week, which earned him the honor of being "Class Star".  Anyone who knows Allen knows about his love of cars, key chains, and even pictures of cars.  Allen loves helping Alexa in the kitchen and really enjoys going to the YMCA on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  He always has a smile for everyone and loves coming to BrightStone.

STARS of the Week–Barbra and Catherine

Barbra was so delighted to be named "Class Star" this week. Mr. Randy commented that although everyone has done well in his packaging class, Barbra was one of the quickest learners! She really is a smart girl and always amazes us with her computer skills. Barbra enjoys helping out in the BrightStone kitchen, working in the paint room and listening to Taylor Swift. Congratulations for a job well done, Barbra! Catherine is always up for "whatever" at BrightStone! She keeps us on her toes with endless enthusiasm and energy! She also has a busy social life outside of BrightStone, always going to football games and other events with her family. Catherine enjoys working on computers at BrightStone, eating spaghetti for lunch and going bowling on Fridays. We are so happy you are at BrightStone, Catherine!

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