May 2015

STARS of the Week – Stephen and Kim

We all love it when it is Stephen's turn to say the blessing before lunch. He loves music, with Lee or Judy, and says that's one of his favorite things; he also loves to bowl on Friday, have pizza for lunch and play basketball at the YMCA. You're one of a kind, Stephen! Congrats!

Kim hails from Alabama (as you would quickly guess), but lives in Fairview now. She loves to meet new people and is always quick to introduce herself to anyone new in the building. Kim's favorites while she is here are working in ceramics, bowling and the IPADs in learning lab. In her spare time, she loves relaxing in her recliner with a cup of coffee watching game shows! Great job, Kim!    

STARS of the Week – Sean and Jennifer

Sean is quite the jokester and just a happy guy that enjoys his time at BrightStone. From the minute he gets off the bus in the morning, he is ready for whatever the day holds! The consumables room is his favorite work area, he likes to say the prayer before lunch and enjoys eating at Chili's with his family. Congratulations, Sean!

Jennifer is a breath of fresh air when she enters the building! She is always glad to be at BrightStone and is so much fun to be around. Jennifer's "faves" are the ceramics room, taco salad for lunch and listening to Keith Urban in her free time. Awesome job, J.P.!

STARS of the week – Tara and Kate

Tara "the bug", as she is so fondly known, cherishes her days and her friends at BrightStone. Her co-workers say she is kind, sweet and a gentle friend to others. She enjoys painting pots, working on our new IPADs in the lab and going to Chick-fil-A on our Friday field trip. We love our bug! Way to go, Tara!

Kate is known for her friendly and caring ways. She will always be the first to volunteer to help a teacher or one of her friends. Kate enjoys yoga class at BrightStone, working in the ceramics room and going to the library on Fridays. Kate is an asset to BrightStone and we are so glad she is here! Congrats to you, Kate!

STARS of the week – Ryan and Don

Ryan has made many new friends since he has been at BrightStone. He has such a great personality and is a very personable guy. One of his co-workers commented that he is a great friend to everyone he meets, which sums it up very well! Ryan's "favorites" include working in the consumables room, learning new things on the computer in the lab, fish sticks for lunch and going to Chick-fil-a on Fridays. You are a true star, Ryan, great work!

Don recently joined Lee during music class on his harmonica! It was such a treat to see him smile when everyone applauded and encouraged him to keep playing. Don is one of BrightStone's brightest stars and enjoys playing basketball at the YMCA, working in the paint room and having taco salad at lunch. Way to go, Don!    
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