February 2015

BrightStone Bracketology


In 1987, President Ronald Reagan declared March as National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. The proclamation called for people to provide understanding, encouragement and opportunities to help persons with developmental disabilities to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Since this proclamation describes the mission of BrightStone, during the month of March, BrightStone is initiating a fun, awareness campaign entitled “BrightStone Bracketology”.  A total of 16 donors, volunteers and staff members have joined in a “competition” to recruit new Facebook likes and Twitter followers to help build awareness for BrightStone’s mission, vision and work in the community of developmental disabilities. The sixteen participants are encouraged to go viral and communicate with their personal friends and followers to not only cast their vote for them by liking or following with their assigned hashtag, but also to encourage their friends and followers to help spread the message.  “Viral communication will be key to this campaign,” stated Tina Majors, Director of Fund Development at BrightStone.  “Building awareness for BrightStone will allow us to share updates, opportunities, accomplishments and milestones with social media friends. We know that our community likes to vote online, and this is a slightly different twist!” Other ways that you can make a difference and participate in Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month include: (1)  Volunteer!  An hour, a half/day to help a BrightStone student, for a project, for an event---we have something for everyone!  You can use your abilities to help BrightStone! Call 615-790-4888 or email to learn more. (2)  Organize a themed “Shower of Blessings” from your church, organization, club or workplace to provide needed supplies and materials for operations.  Ideas include:  Paper Goods, Pantry Items, Office Supplies, Arts and Crafts, Production Needs, etc.  Lists of specific needs can be provided upon request. (3)  Schedule a personalized tour for yourself, a friend, business associates, organization or club members, church members, co-workers, etc.  Tours are generally given Mondays-Thursdays, at either 9:30 or 11:00 a.m. (4)  Plan to participate in BrightStone’s BOWLABILITY benefit on August 10th or 11th by organizing a team and raising much needed funds for our adults.  Go ahead and make that commitment by registering at . Participating is SO MUCH FUN! (5)  Financially support BrightStone’s endeavors by contributing to our scholarship fund, “Enhance the Chance”.  Help make it possible for an adult to attend who otherwise might not be able.  Visit  .

STARS of the Week – Jessica and Catherine

  Jessica will melt your heart with her blue eyes and sweet smile!  She loves coming to BrightStone to hang out with her many friends and says that bowling is her favorite Friday activity.  She loves playing with the purple ball at the YMCA, enjoys music with Judy and english muffin pizza is her favorite lunch.  She plans to take her family to Red Lobster to celebrate being awarded "Class Star"!  Way to go, Jessica!

Catherine is a bundle of energy and has a contagious smile!  She is such a hard worker in all areas, but says the paint room is her favorite.  She loves her UT Vols, typing  on the computer in the learning lab and listening to the Beach Boys.  She loves spending time with her family and her dogs, Brinkley and Cooper.  Congratulations, Catherine!  

BrightStone Closed Monday, February 23

BrightStone will remain closed on Monday, February 23.

STARS of the Week – Barbra and Sarah

 "Barbra C", as we call her, is one of the happiest people you will ever meet!  She also has quite the music collection that she gladly shares with us.  She has the latest CDs of her favorite artists that make great background music in our work areas.  Her list of favorites includes working in mixes, bowling on Fridays and playing with the pink ball at the YMCA.  congrats, Barbra!

  Sarah is known around BrightStone for her sweet spirit and great sense of humor!  She loves to kid around and has a quick wit.  You may know her as the "rock and roll guitar" girl in the Christmas program!  Sarah enjoys computer games in the learning lab, cooking with Janelle and our yoga classes.  Great job, Sarah!

STARS of the Week – Stephanie and Jenny

  Stephanie comes in everyday with a huge smile ready to start her day at BrightStone!  All her teachers and friends agree that one of her best qualities is her willingness to help in any way she can.  She is the ultimate BrightStone "team player" and is just happy to be here!  She loves riding the exercise bike, typing on the computer in the learning lab, and loves to eat at Red Lobster with her family.  Congratulations, Stepho! Jenny loves to make a grand entrance - we always know when Jenny arrives by her announcing "Jenny here!"  Jenny is also known for her helpfulness and tidy ways.  Her teachers love how she always helps hang smocks and makes sure all the chairs are under the table.  Jenny's favorite Friday field trip is Chick-Fil-A, her favorite lunch is English muffin pizza and painting is her favorite work area.  Way to go, Jenny!

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