October 2014

STARTS of the week – Bobby and Kelly M.

 Bobby quietly goes about his day at BrightStone, and is a great example of a "Class Star".  He enjoys all of our activities so much he never wants to miss a thing!  He likes doing yoga, ceramics and his favorite TV show is "Survivor".  His friends say he's a good dancer, (as we saw in the Christmas program!) a good bowler and a great friend!  Congratulations, Bobby!!

Kelly was so excited to be named "Class Star"!  She considers BrightStone her family and was so sad when she missed a few days last week because she was sick.  She is also always a big part of our Christmas program, as she usually has a solo part.  She enjoys working in th consumables room and yoga, bowling on Fridays and watching iCarley at home.  We are so glad to have you here, Kelly!

STARS of the week – Catherine and Stephen

Catherine was one happy young lady when her name was called as "Class Star!"  She is a very busy lady and some of her activities at home are going to football games, hockey games and eating at Jason's Deli.  Catherine says her favorite activities at BrightStone are working in the paint room, yoga class, bowling, computer games and helping serve lunch.  Way to go, Catherine! One of Stephen's BrightStone friends said he is a good singer.  He will be sharing his talent in a special way at this year's Christmas program.  You won't want to miss it!  When asked what his favorite BrightStone activities are, he said working in the paint room. playing ball at the YMCA, helping shop for the BrightStone groceries, and saying the prayer before lunch.  Good job, Stephen!  

STARS of the Week–Tammy and Philip!

Tammy faces life with great enthusiasm and is always eager to share what is going on in her life with everyone at BrightStone.  She is also a lady who cherishes the people in her life and is not happy when they're not around.  Tammy says her favorite BrightStone activities are working in ceramics, learning activities on the computer, helping prepare lunch, bowling, and yoga class. Philip is our traveling man!  You never know where he might be vacationing next!  When he is not traveling, we enjoy having him at BrightStone, as he is a great ambassador with a great smile and always has encouraging words.  When asked about his favorite activities, Philip said he enjoys working in the paint room, typing on the computer, going to Chick-fil-A for a snack, playing ball at the YMCA and saying the prayer before lunch.

STARS of the Week–Jessica and Kelly U

Jessica's friends say she is funny, sweet and happy. She is also very friendly and never meets a stranger. Jessica has a good time coming to BrightStone and says her favorite activities are working in the paint room, playing ball at the YMCA, going to the library and learning activities on the computer. Kelly has been coming to BrightStone for all 15 years! After all of this time, one of her greatest joys in life is to be BrightStone's "Star of the Week"! She is enjoying her time in the spotlight. Kelly says her favorite BrightStone activities are working in the paint room, bowling, yoga class, and helping prepare lunch.

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