September 2014

STARS of the Week – Barbara and Jon

These days we call him farmer Jon!  His family bought a farm a couple of years ago and Jon has fallen in love with farming.  He helps take care of all the animals, enjoys helping in the garden and rides his 4 wheeler around keeping an eye on everything.  While at BrightStone Jon says he enjoys working in ceramics, yoga class, bowling, learning activities on the computer and helping serve lunch.  Way to go, Jon!

Barbara has been at BrightStone for 15 years.  She was here the first day we opened!  She is an artist and has drawn many pictures for us over the years, including a couple of ideas of how she thinks the future campus might look.  Barbara says when she is at BrightStone her favorite activities include working in consumables, helping cook lunch, walking for exercise, bowling and working on her IPad.  Thank you Barbara, for continuing to hang out with us!

STARS of the Week – Allen and Ryan

Allen was excited when his name was called to be "Star of the Week." He likes to go shopping and each week the "stars" go to the Kroger on Thursday to help buy groceries for the next week's lunches. Allen has been coming to BrightStone for 7 years and some of his favorite activities include playing basketball, working puzzles on the computer, helping cook lunch and working in the paint room.

Congratulations, Allen!


Ryan has been at BrightStone for about 4 months. He is very outgoing and we have all enjoyed getting to know him. He gladly tells everyone how thrilled he is to have so many new friends. During Ryan's leisure time at home he enjoys watching "The Price Is Right," eating at Logan's and cheering for the Tennessee Volunteers. His favorite BrightStone activities include working in consumables, yoga class, computer games, and getting a snack at Chick-Fil-A.

Good job, Ryan!


STARS of the week – Barbra and Sarah


Barbra has the rare quality of always being happy! She comes in with a bright smile everyday and is ready to do whatever is asked of her. She has lots of long time friends at BrightStone and loves getting to hang out with them! Barbra enjoys working in the ceramics room, helping Janelle in the kitchen, and going bowling on our Friday field trip. Barbra also bowls with her friends in her leisure time and is an excellent bowler! She loves eating out at Logan's, watching the Titans and playing with her dog, Patty.

Great job, Barbra!


We are so blessed to have Sarah here at BrightStone! You may remember that she was our "Dorothy" in the Christmas Program last year. She has also participated as a soloist and a dancer. She is a girl of many talents! Sarah says she loves going bowling on Fridays and working in consumables while at BrightStone. She loves cheering for her Texas Longhorns, watching old movies and spending time with her family.

Congratulations, Miss Sarah!

STARS of the week – Stephanie and Jenny

Stephanie is a lady who likes to stay busy. In her leisure time at home she enjoys listening to the Beach Boys, playing with her dogs, Max and Daisy, cheering for the Tennessee Titans and her favorite restaurant is Red Lobster. During her days at BrightStone her favorite list includes helping cook lunch, computer activities, walking with her exercise group and fieldtrips to Chick-fil-a for a snack.

Way to go, Stephanie!


Jenny has been coming to BrightStone for almost 13 years! She wasn't too sure about us at first, but soon decided that she loved being here. She is great to have around and one of her best qualities is that she is very neat and tidy. She says her favorite BrightStone activities are working in consumables, bowling, computer and yoga class.

Good job, Jenny!


STARS of the week – Jennifer and Elissa

Jennifer loves people. I am sure her favorite thing about coming to BrightStone is visiting with all of her friends. She likes to keep up with the details of how everyone is doing. Jennifer says her favorite BrightStone activities are working in consumables, walking with her exercise group, bowling, learning activities on the computer and helping prepare lunch.

Way to go, Jennifer!


Elissa loves to come to BrightStone and ride the BrightStone bus. She is a good friend to everyone and never wants to miss a day. During her days at BrightStone she says her favorite activities are working in consumables, riding the exercise bike, going to the learning lab and

grocery shopping with Janelle and Billy. During her leisure time at at home Elissa enjoys listening to rock and roll music, eating at Sonic and cheering for the Tennessee Volunteers.

Way to go, Elissa!

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