April 2013

STARS of the Week–Tammy and Elissa

Tammy has been coming to BrightStone for a few years.  In the beginning it was an adjustment for her, as our program is different from what she was used to.  She now loves everyone, (maybe Judy our music teacher the most!) and is always filled with exciting news about events happening in her life.  Her BrightStone favorites are painting, computer activities, bowling, yoga and serving lunch. Elissa is a people person as well.  She is excited every morning to greet everyone.  One of Elissa's great Kodak moments at BrightStone was last year when Santa paid us a visit at our Christmas party.  Many of our students were thrilled to see him, but Elissa followed him around with the greatest smile and repeated over and over "He's coming to my house, he's coming to my house!"  Santa seems to have great powers over Elissa!  The things Elissa enjoys the most while at BrightStone are working in consumables, computer activities, helping cook lunch and riding the exercise bike.

Conservatorship Workshop

A Conservatorship Workshop will be hosted by the ARC of Williamson County on Thursday, April 25th at 6:30 p.m.  Their address is 139 Fowlkes Street, Franklin.  This is a free workshop and will be conducted by Cindy Gardner, attorney.  For more information, call 6915-790-5815.

STARS of the Week–Kelly and Bobby

Kelly has been through a lot lately but she has shown that she is a tough lady.  Every morning she comes in with a smile on her face and is her perky self.  Kelly's favorite BrightStone activities are painting, learning lab worksheets, helping cook lunch, and grocery shopping.  In her leisure time she enjoys listening and dancing to oldies music, watching Wheel of Fortune and eating at Logan's. Bobby has some good athletic abilities.  He will be in a swimming competition tomorrow in Springfield and our yoga instructor is always amazed at how well he can do the yoga stretches.  In his leisure time at home he enjoys watching game shows, listening to country music and eating a good Wendy's hamburger.  While at BrightStone he likes working in ceramics, bowling, computer, and saying the prayer before lunch.

STARS of the Week–Stephanie and Jon

Stephanie was thrilled when her name was called as "Star of the Week!" She was excited to go grocery shopping and the rain on Thursday did not dampen her spirits. In Stephanie's leisure time she enjoys listening to the Beach Boys and eating at Red Lobster. While at BrightStone she enjoys painting, computer activities, walking and saying the prayer before lunch.

It has been great to have Jon back at BrightStone since January. His old friends were happy to see him and he has adjusted well. Jon says his favorite

BrightStone activities are walking at the YMCA, working in consumables, going to the library, computer activities and helping cook lunch. In his leisure time he listens to country music, likes Notre Dame football and eating at Chick-Fil-A.

STARS of the Week–Sarah and Kate

Sarah has a couple of nicknames at BrightStone that describe her personality; they are "Sarah Sparkles" and "Sweet Pea".  Sarah enjoys reading, watching 'American Idol' and listening to Taylor Swift in her leisure time.  While at BrightStone her favorites are yoga class, working in consumables, computer activities, and helping prepare lunch. Kate has been coming to BrightStone for 12 years!  She has a caring spirit and enjoys helping her friends.  During her leisure time at home she enjoys watching 'Dancing with the Stars', listening to Christian music and watching sports with her family.  She says her favorite BrightStone activities include stretching exercises, working in the paint room, computer activities and getting a snack at Chick-Fil-A.

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