November 2012

STARS of the week–Katy and Allen

Katy came to the BrightStone Halloween party dressed as Tinker Bell.  Her outfit was complete with wings and a magic wand.  She looked great!  Katy is keeping busy at BrightStone working and helping with the Christmas program.   She knows all the words to our songs and does a great job.  While at BrightStone, Katy enjoys painting, bowling, reading and helping with lunch prep. Allen likes to shop; he can be seen often around town shopping with his roommate, Robert.  He always has a great smile and is so happy to see a BrightStone friend in a different place.  Allen takes pride in his work at BrightStone and says consumables is his favorite work area.  He also enjoys walking, shopping, computer activities, and helping serve lunch.

STARS of the Week–Barbra and Kate

Barbra began a healthy eating regimen a couple of years ago.  We've recently heard that eating red peppers can put you in a happy mood.  Well, Barbra eats lots of bell peppers and she comes in with a pleasant smile and a great attitude every day--so it must be true!  Her BrightStone favorites include working in consumable mixes, bowling, computer activities and playing ball at the YMCA.   Kate is a BrightStone girl and always wants to be involved in everything.  Everyone at her house is a big sports fan and she is a loyal UT fan, even when they lose!  During the winter months she and her Dad work challenging jigsaw puzzles.  While at BrightStone, Kate enjoys working on consumables, riding the exercise bike, bowling and assisting with lunch prep.    

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