October 2012

STARS of the Week–Jennifer and Al

Jennifer is a very social and busy young lady. She looks forward to the days that she comes to BrightStone and can catch up with her friends. Her favorite BrightStone activities are painting, bowling, computer activities, the exercise bike and helping cook lunch. In Jennifer’s leisure time she enjoys listening to country music and attending concerts. Al is a quiet young man with a great smile. He treasures his family and friends and his favorite pastime is looking at their photos. He has a very endearing smile of joy while he looks at them. Like everyone else Al has his favorite BrightStone activities and they are working in the consumables room, computer activities, bowling and walking.

STARS of the Week—Barbara and Jon

Barbara is a lady with many interests.  During her leisure time she enjoys exercising, drawing, reading, and listening to gospel music.  However, when she is at BrightStone she is serious about her work.  Barbara's favorite activities are working in mixes, bowling, computer activities, and helping cook lunch. Jon's big news this week is that he became an Uncle, again!  He is very excited showing the picture of the new baby.  We all know Jon's favorite color is Tennessee orange and he wears it most everyday.  Jon seems to enjoy all of our activities at BrightStone, but says his favorites are painting, reading, playing basketball, bowling and helping serve lunch.

BrightStone 2012 Christmas Card Collection

BrightStone announces the arrival of its 2012 Christmas card collection and invites you to meet the artists behind the cards. Each year, adults with special needs who attend BrightStone design Christmas cards that are sold to customers locally and around the country. This year, five new designs are for sale, in addition to popular designs from past years.  You may view and purchase the cards here:  Meet this year's artists:   Continue reading »

Financial Planning Seminar: “Planning for your Child’s Future” Set for October 30

BrightStone has partnered with The Arc of Williamson County to provide a special opportunity for families of special needs children.

On October 30th, David Howell and Tony Youssefi of Capital Financial Group, LLC, and Mary Catherine Kelly, Attorney, will join together to offer information for families who are interested in planning for the future of their child with special needs. The seminar will be held at BrightStone at 140 Southeast Parkway Court in Franklin and will begin at

6:30 p.m.

It is well recognized that families who have children with special needs are very busy just looking after the day-to-day needs of their children. But early planning can help alleviate negative financial impacts in the future. Come listen to the advice of these industry leaders to help you recognize and determine significant decisions and planning that need to be made in your life as you plan for the future of your child. Learn about Conservatorship and Special Needs Trusts; how the age of your child and whether your family is intact impacts your financial planning; and how to address other unexpected issues.

There is no charge to attend. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Amy Hosking at .

Stars of the Week–Jessica and Brian

Jessica is a fun lady who enjoys visiting and joking with her friends at BrightStone.  She usually has a big smile on her face and is ready to participate in all of BrightStone's activities.  Her favorite activities are ceramics, playing basketball at the YMCA, working puzzles and getting a snack at Chick-Fil-A.   Brian's favorite things are movies, word searches and anything Disney.  Brian takes his BrightStone work very seriously; he is usually the first one in the work rooms ready to get started.  The BrightStone activities he enjoys the most are painting, riding the exercise bike, bowling and computer activities.  

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