September 2012

Stars of the Week! Sarah and Mike

Congratulations to Sarah and Mike, this week's Stars of the Week!

Sarah is a very sweet young lady who enjoys reading, watching Disney movies, and going to church, where she participates in Stone Soup class. Sarah also has a new dog named Mo (short for Kokomo); she adores her puppy! While at BrightStone, Sarah enjoys walking for exercise, painting, doing worksheets, and helping cook lunch.



Mike is always overjoyed to be named "Star of the Week." His reaction is priceless! Mike and his family are moving to a farm outside of Columbia. It'll be a big

change for him, but who knows? He may enjoy helping take care of the farm animals. Mike will still be coming to BrightStone and working with his friends.

Need a night out? We have just the thing…

Need a night out?

We have just the thing!

Helping Hands - Caring Hearts, a charitable organization within Polk Place, is sponsoring "Holiday Hullabaloo," a dinner dance benefiting BrightStone, for the second year in a row. This year's Holiday Hullabaloo also benefits our friends at High Hopes. Last year, Helping Hands - Caring Hearts raised $10,000 for BrightStone through this event!

Stars of the Week! Benny and Kim

Congratulations to Benny and Kim, this week's Stars of the Week! Benny is a hard worker; he has  a part-time job at Macy's unloading new merchandise as it comes to the store, and he comes to BrightStone several days a week, too. Benny looks forward to his days at BrightStone and says his favorite activities are walking, working in consumables, doing computer activities, and praying before lunch.     Kim is a friendly lady who never meets a stranger. She's always eager to tell everyone her name! At home she enjoys watching game shows and listening and dancing to rock & roll music. At BrightStone her favorite activities include walking, painting pots, bowling, doing math worksheets, and cooking.

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