August 2012

Volunteer E-Newsletter for August

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Stars of the Week! Jenny and Kelly U.

Congratulations to Jenny and Kelly U., this week's Stars of the Week! Jenny is a good helper and likes for everything to be neat and tidy. She's always helping with cleanup after our morning break and lunch, and she makes sure each chair is properly pushed under the table when everyone gets up to leave. Tidying up is probably her favorite BrightStone activity, but she told us she also enjoys painting pots, bowling, playing ball at the YMCA, and saying the prayer before lunch.   Kelly is a lady who takes pride in everything she does; whether it's work or a leisure activity, she always gives it her best! While at BrightStone, Kelly's favorite activities are painting pots, bowling, cooking, going to the grocery store, and playing basketball at the YMCA. In her leisure time she enjoys watching "Wheel of Fortune," eating at Logan's, and dancing to rock & roll music.

BrightStone “Bowled Over” by BOWLABILITY Results

BrightStone’s 4th annual BOWLABILITY benefit was recently held at the Franklin Family Entertainment Center. The event was well attended, a lot of fun, and raised over $43,000 for BrightStone’s adults with special needs. Continue reading »

Autumn News & Happenings

We're beginning to feel just a little hint of autumn in the air. Football, cider, bike rides, rich colors in the trees, and evenings on the porch are just around the corner. At BrightStone there are about a million things we love about autumn. Our fall products feature pumpkin flavors and leaf motifs, and we enjoy taking walks outside on these beautiful days. It's an exciting time of year for us! We have several events and sales coming up soon, and we have some great news to share. Celebrate the news with us and find out how you can be a part of the excitement!

Stars of the Week! Justin and Philip

Congratulations to Justin and Philip, this week's Stars of the Week! Justin gives a great tour of BrightStone; some of his descriptions and details of our program are priceless! He takes pride in sharing with others about his workplace. Justin says his favorite BrightStone activities are working in ceramics, playing basketball, working in the computer lab, and taking trips to Chick-fil-A for a snack.     Everyone knows Philip for his great smile and gentlemanly ways. Like Justin, he's a great ambassador for BrightStone! He has some great one liners that will bring a smile to your face. Philip's BrightStone favorites include working in consumables, stretching exercises, working in the computer lab, and saying the prayer before lunch.

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